THE POLISH POST OFFICE COMES TO MINNESOTA. King at SCSU Scholars compares, unfavorably, the sale of now required to be behind-the-counter but non-prescription cold remedies with the routine sale of cheese, assuming there was cheese, in the old Soviet Bloc. Office Max does something similar with printer cartridges, but the cartridges are in a bin behind the checkout counter, which means one exchanges the ticket for the cartridge, if it is in stock, and pays for it.

He asks, Is that socialism? More likely, it's the consequence of failure to socialize. Cheese, assuming there was cheese, in the old Soviet Bloc was likely out the door to go unpaid. (How's that for an East German construction?) Office Max may have discovered that cartridges are similarly mobile. What's the deal with the cold remedies? Have Minnesota pols decided that letting cold remedies be sold off the rack as feedstock for party drugs is contrary to the public interest?

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