NOVEMBER, REMEMBERED. November 10, 1975 was not a good day to be attempting a passage on Lake Superior. An early-season Panhandle Hooker brought some big winds with it, and Edmund Fitzgerald foundered with all hands. Quid nomen illius and William Polley have located a number of tribute pages, including a most instructive analysis of the weather that weekend. Old heads on the Lakes looked out their windows that weekend and recalled the day Bradley went down (in 1958.) Despite better weather radars, forecasting models, and the Global Positioning System, the Lakes WILL kill you if you are not careful.

A tradition on the Upper Peninsula is to drink 29 toasts on November 10, one for each man on Fitzgerald. Marathon Pundit has a tribute, including a list of the names. Another chronology of Edmund Fitzgerald's career (it used to over-winter in Milwaukee) also includes the names, should anyone wish to drink the 29 toasts.

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