WE GET FAN MAIL. Grades are in, and Blackboard sure beats those pre-addressed postcards for getting the information to anxious students (although it's harder to score brownie points scribbling a little "Flight into Egypt" on the postcard for Renaissance to Modern Art this way.)

One student, wondering when I'd crawl out of my cave and post the grades, made this observation.
I liked the class a lot, it was one of those rare classes that actually makes you work for your grade!
My response gives thanks, and recommends the relevant advisor and department chairman be informed of that preference. Now that time permits (yeah, right) I intend to do a little survey of the academic mission, as it manifests itself in various locations. For the moment, think about "retention." At the mid-majors (Northern Illinois is a research comprehensive, and we're unlikely to hear any talk of going to Division II in football anytime soon) "retention" might involve keeping first-generation and non-traditional students focused on getting that leg up the public universities provide, or it might mean making it worthwhile for motivated students of any kind from trying their luck at Northwestern or Illinois. Those goals are NOT mutually exclusive.

Course evaluations will soon be available for my inspection. We get panned too ...

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