QUOTE OF THE DAY. Steven D. Krause is not happy with the timing or the purpose of the Modern Language Association convention.
Ah, the annual Modern Language Association convention, the meat market of English studies, and, IMO, ample evidence for the contempt that the field and profession has for family, impoverished graduate students, and “lives” in general.
This convention continues to use the week between Christmas and New Year's Day. Economics used to do that (because the hotels could be had cheaply?) but it now meets the first weekend after New Year's Day. That's not quite as bad, as that week is usually registration or set aside for faculty meetings. (The escort services in the convention city get to stand down when the economists hit town, from what I've been told.)

The Modern Language Association is done for this year, and the news reports are trickling in. Professor Krause has a survey. Milt's File hopes the Association will get out of the "'theory' morass in which they have floundered" and recommends a Nick Gillespie three-parter at Tech Central Station. The Valve has a post roundup, a reaction to Mr Gillespie, an individual report, another individual report, and a link-fest for one individual who filed multiple reports.

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