SLOUCHING INTO THE NEW SEMESTER. Some institutions of higher learning have a policy in which students who do not show up for the first week of classes are removed from the class rolls. Playing School, Irreverently, discovers that some such individuals give new richness to the notion of chutzpah.
Well, apparently (or so I've just learned) students expect us to email them if we see them on the roster and they don't show up. For a moment I thought "Yeah, I know, I'm such a slacker though ..." and then I thought the better of that. This is insane. Pre-email, or actually more recently (pre-university system that assigned email to students that they may or may not use) I'd have had no way of contacting a no-show. Sorry kids, I really don't think this one is my responsibility. What, am I supposed to email you to remind you that you registered for my course? To tell you that your evil twin registered you? To find out where to send the engraved invitation for you to come to class? To tell you I actually do abide by the university rules?
Hear! Hear!

In many cases, I wonder if such students are even aware they have a university account? Probably over half of my correspondence comes from hotmail or aol accounts with handles that tell me more than I really want to know about my correspondents.

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