ARBITRARILY CLOSE TO QUACKERY? The local Office of Faculty Development offers a workshop on cultural competencies.
As we integrate multiculturalism into our courses and transform our curricula, how do we know if we are meeting our learning objectives and institutional goals? Participants in this workshop will work together to identify aspects of cultural competency, develop an instrument to monitor student development and discuss applications of cultural competencies in the classroom. The discussion will range across disciplines and with an expected result of a modifiable tool for use in the classroom and curricula.
Don't you love that "expected result?" The statement of objectives does not meet the standards of the university's assesment plan. It does not make clear whether there is a received theory from which identifiable aspects will emerge. It does not provide sufficient structure for "discuss applications."

There's something suspect about the fashionable bundling of "teaching and learning" popular in colleges of education these days.
Judy Silvestrone is Dean of the Center for Excellence in Learning and Teaching and Professor of Clinical Sciences at New York Chiropractic College. Her interactive, outcome-oriented workshops, featuring best practices in teaching and learning, have been offered at such conferences as National Quality Education and Professional and Organizational Development Network and the State University of New York’s Conference on Faculty-Student Partnerships.
Not even a personal page?

This program listing does not inspire confidence.

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