OPEN THE LODGE IN THE GORETH DEGREE. Remember last month's sermon?
Today, it's the S.U.V. rather than the maiden that must be tossed, and recycling it in a steel furnace is more practical, but the basic idea is unchanged.
Dr. Sanity bases her message on a Letter of John to the Columbians.

Throughout human history there have always been shamans and other elite high priests or priestesses in every primitive culture. Their job has been remarkably consistent down through the ages--to provide a religion du jour explanation for events in the real world which the primitive mind could not comprehend. Usually that explanation, even in modern times is a variant of the following: "You have sinned and brought these evils upon yourself! God/Allah/Other is very displeased! Repent, or you will die/the world will end/bad things will happen."

This kind of explanation is actually fairly comforting to many, because it assumes that you have within your control the ability to prevent all sorts of horrible things from happening --like devastating natural disasters;weather-related phenomena; and many other assorted "acts of god".

Now, there is no question that human behavior has an impact on events in the real world. The problem with the religious fanatic is that this explanation focuses primarily on the "sins" the believer, and on satisfying that believer's need for redemption and salvation; rather than on the use of human reason and logic to solve the problem.

Thanks be to Cox and Forkum for making an illuminated manuscript possible.

Their editorial comment includes cross-references to other sources.

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