OPPORTUNITY COSTS. Poliblogger has some thoughts on whether weblogging gets in the way of other activities. This time, the issue appears to be time allocation among leaders of the Southern Baptist Convention. The general issue is simple enough.
The key assumption is clearly that whatever the main output for the given profession is (whether it be academic writing or winning converts) would be increased if people didn’t waste all their time blogging. Of course, this assumption can be made about blogging because it is a public undertaking (with timestamps and everything), as oppossed to many other actions that people might be engaging in, but that we aren’t made privy to on the internet. One cannot critique what one does not know about, and as such, blogging makes itself an instant object of critique because it is done in public.
Yes. One could substitute cooking or developing one's wine cellar or working on one's family tree or model railroading or building Legos as the activities that get in the way of work.

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