THE SNOWBALLS HAVE MELTED. The snowball bush stays in bloom for a few weeks in May.

Next up, the peonies. If I were maintaining a proper garden, I'd have an assortment of plants to bloom at different times, such that there would be fresh flowers of different kinds well into the fall. I did well to get two flowers off this plant this year. More fertilizer in the fall.

The second clutch of eggs has hatched. Here's a robin hatchling that has yet to take on its adult markings. They are cute, and they cheep.

(Is there a collective noun for hatchlings? An Exaltation of Larks is a compendium of collective nouns for birds, including the parliament of owls and the murder of crows.)

The garden requires another visit with the hoe.

But there will be hot peppers, and tomatoes, and very soon, fresh lettuce and radishes for each night's salads.

And the lightning bugs are out in force.

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