GOVERNMENT FAILURES. The "Rippers" for worst rail transportation agencies are up.
These are the "not-so-coveted" awards, and are, once again, totally arbitrary. Generally, either vague Construction Documents, or even covert attempts to skewer a Supplier or Contractor have resulted in strained relationships, higher costs, and lower quality.
Among the offenders is the North San Diego County Transit District, which is working on what a correspondent tells me is a new commuter rail project using German Desiro diesel-multiple-unit cars (here are some in Hungary, and the British have electric versions of them, they'd look good in turquoise with salmon pinstripes) and going under the name of "Sprinter," which brings to my mind Thomas the Privatised Tank Engine contemplating Selina the Sprinter Unit's curves. (There's a Sprinter Unit simulator on offer from Train Sim.)

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