TIME TO SELL THE WORLD COUNCIL SHORT? The American Baptist Assembly will be selling some of its land fronting on Green Lake, Wisconsin.
Green Lake Conference Center plans to sell part of its 1,000-acre spiritual retreat on Wisconsin's deepest lake, using proceeds from the possible $25 million-plus sale to help America's pastors revitalize their congregations and reach out to everyday "unchurched" people.
What's the connection?
Land-sale proceeds could generate at least $1 million in interest a year, [center president Ken] Giacoletto said. The non-profit Christian center would use that money to help stagnating congregations broaden their reach via its Center for Excellence in Congregational Leadership. The three-year program for pastors, their families and lay leaders includes six week-long sessions at Green Lake.
So one down-sizes the conference center and invests the proceeds at not less than 4% interest in order to pay for long-term training programs to up-size congregations. There has to be a thesis topic in there somewhere ...

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