THE NIGHT OF THE LIVING DEAD. No, I'm not talking about Hallowe'en. It's the Democratic Party leadership I'm talking about, and their likely re-emergence next week Wednesday. National Committee chairman Howard Dean, Senate majority leader presumptive Harry Reid, House speaker presumptive Nancy Pelosi, third-term president presumptive Hillary!, and now failed presidential hopeful John Kerry have all been sequestered away from the garlic and crucifixes until next Wednesday.

Neal Boortz reminds readers that "lesser of two evils" implies and is implied by a "greater of two evils."

So .. that's it. We're six days out, and I've come unglued. Sure, the Republicans have become just another party of big government and pork barrel spending ... but at least they don't slander the very men and women who are shedding blood every single day to defend our country.

Give me the big-spenders who support our troops over the big-spenders who slander them any day.

Daniel Drezner has an annotated bibliography of research on the socioeconomic status of enlisted personnel.

In Illinois, the established political parties are offering a choice of corrupt and more corrupt. The Rockford Register-Star has endorsed the Green Party's gubernatorial nominee (in Illinois, candidates are nominated in the primary election and elected in the general election) Rich Whitney.

Whitney wants to improve the state’s infrastructure, with an emphasis on high-speed rail, public transportation and urban design.He also wants to work toward lower energy costs, energy efficiency and the development of alternative fuels — not just ethanol.

We disagree with his support for “open carry” gun laws, but his positions on other issues override that concern.Votes for Whitney will help position the Greens for established-party status in Illinois. All Whitney needs is 5 percent of the vote for future Greens to join Republicans and Democrats on ballots in this state. A recent poll had him at 13 percent.

There is also a declared write-in candidate, retired Marine Randy Stufflebeam, who has gone to the effort of filing his declaration of write-in candidacy in all Illinois counties.

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