THE ONES THAT GOT AWAY. Among the tributes to the late Glenn "Bo" Schembechler, a recollection that he was short-listed for the Wisconsin job.

At the time, the Badgers were looking to replace Milt Bruhn. [John] Coatta was Bruhn's assistant. Schembechler was head coach at Miami (Ohio).

"I went up there to be interviewed," Schembechler said in the book, referring to Madison. "I really got miffed when I got there."

Schembechler said UW had already decided it wanted Coatta for the job and was just going through the motions of talking to him and Notre Dame assistant Johnny Ray.

Milt Bruhn's teams lost twice at the Rose Bowl. Mr Bruhn died just before the 1993 Rose Bowl season. John Coatta, who was a successful quarterback at Wisconsin set records for futility as coach. (He subsequently found work at one of the Minnesota State teams.)

If memory serves, the Wisconsin athletic department treated an Army assistant coach called Bob Knight rather shabbily because they had already anointed John Powless as basketball coach.

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