PLAY VALUE. Every once in a while, one has to play with trains.

Thus, a Riverside line Suburban Tank winds up on Boston's North Shore hauling a boxcar I bought after the World Trade Center atrocity.

The ship's chandler receives a consignment of supplies. In the background is the blast furnace. I have an application pending for a photo permit on mill property.

A banana boat is due, and cars are being positioned for quick loading and shipment.

Just-in-time logistics sounds like contemporary business wisdom, but the railroads and the fruit packers were doing it early in the twentieth century. The real artistry took place at the docks: some green bananas were closer to turning yellow than others. Those would be loaded onto cars for the short destinations. The ones destined farther away (the Illinois Central, for example, would load at New Orleans for Dubuque or Omaha or Albert Lea) would ripen in transit.

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