REDISCOVERING THE PRINCIPLE OF DERIVED DEMAND. Dean Edward Snyder, of Chicago's Graduate School of Business, contemplates the "consumer" model of the MBA program.

Instead of the customer is always right, we ought to go with a version of you get what you put into it. If we do, then the interesting and important question becomes how can we get our students to put more into their MBA educations?

My answer is that we should engage our MBA students with a combination of “stretch and support.”

- We should set high expectations of our students. When they meet them, shine the light and recognize them. When they don’t, kick them in the butt.

- We must care deeply about our students, their experiences, and what they are trying to achieve. This naturally leads schools to support them day-by-day and in truly profound ways.

If we get the right balance of stretch and support, then we move to a more productive equilibrium, in which students put more in (because they feel both challenged and supported) and they get more out of their experience.

They'll also be more likely to land jobs, he notes. (Via Newmark's Door.)

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