A WEATHERMAN CONTEMPLATES GLOBAL WARMING. Long-time WTMJ meteorologist Jim Ott retired from the fourth estate to run for public office. He recently responded to an inquiry about global warming.

The mainstream media has played an important role in fostering the idea that global warming is happening, and that it’s due to human activity and that it will get worse. That’s because much of the nation’s media, like the TV networks, are based on the east coast. Whenever there is an unusually warm weather event there, it is a story to them, and they bring in some climatologist or other researcher who believes that global warming is caused by human activity. When the weather on the east coast is cooler than normal, we do not see reports stating that maybe global warming isn’t happening.

Imagine an observer who was present in North America 10,000 years ago as the most recent continental ice sheet was melting. He would have observed the same thing we have observed for the last 20-25 years, but on a much grander scale: a warming climate that spanned hundreds, and probably thousands of years, and the associated melting of the ice.

All of this was happening without the impact of human activity.

(Via Charlie Sykes.)

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