CONSUMING HERRING AND COD. Sometimes, one can analyze the economics of fish as faith, and sometimes one can simply eat.

Golden slabs of fish, sweet on the inside and still steaming from the fryer.

Crunchy coleslaw, flecked with carrot shreds and slathered in homemade dressing.
And potato pancakes, sharpened with a little onion and then freshly fried to be crisp on the outside but creamy inside.

That threesome makes up what I consider an outstanding Wisconsin fish fry. And it's what I've been looking for on most of my Friday nights since July.

Don't forget the rye bread! With recommendations.

I'm informed that there are decent fish fries to be had just north of the North West Frontier. The concept (like brown mustard) hasn't caught on, this side of the Cheddar Curtain.

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