QUOTE OF THE DAY. Chicago Sky reserve guard Stephanie Raymond sees the value of being pushed to achieve more.
"My college assistant coach, E.C. Hill. I've looked up to her and her accomplishments ever since she took the coaching job at NIU. There are many qualities of her character that I truly admire and would like to someday possess. She was the first coach I ever had that really cared for what I did off of the court. She was brutally honest and wasn't afraid to say anything to me. She got me in the gym early and kept me late. She worked me harder than anyone because she knew what I was capable of. She showed me how to be leader both on and off the court."
Via Chicago Sky Talk.

Ms Raymond also notes the value of an athletic scholarship.
"I probably wouldn't have gone to college because of financial reasons. To be honest, I don't know where I would be if it weren't for basketball."
Although the supporters of intercollegiate athletics will point, with some justification, to Ms Raymond finishing her degree while participating in training camp and the beginning of the season, her observation also points out a possible efficiency loss, in the form of youngsters focusing their energies on sports so as to earn an athletic scholarship, rather than on academics, so as to earn an academic scholarship. The latter might be more common.

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