BACK TO COLLEGE: 4. I'm often skeptical of the observations at Rate Your Students, as the anonymous whinging about others unnamed offers much potential for abuse, including the possibility that a comment represented as originating with a student might be a faculty member lamenting his colleagues' linguini spines.
As an undergrad, I want to know that I'm not the only one fed up with my peers. They can be stupid, slothful, selfish bastards. What is tenure for, if not to call these kids out on their b.s.? These "future leaders" couldn't put together a cogent thought if you held a gun to their head, and everyone is supposed to pat them on the back as long as Mom and Dad's tuition check clears the bank? You have a Ph.D., for chrissakes, so throw it around like it means something.
There is the possibility that tenure induces self-selection by milquetoasts (hence my constant advocacy for more Non-Quiche-Eating Real Guys Who Can Manage Power Tools and Soldering Torches in the academy) who are in it for the job security and seek to avoid any conflicts, including those called Being the Adult.
I lose a lot of respect for professors who don't stand up for themselves. Make these morons get their feet off the desk, put away the iPod, bring paper and pencil to class, eat their three-course meal before coming to class, crack the book every other day, and pay ******* attention -- or get out of the room. I'm tired of taking dumbed-down tests or having to listen to the same lecture about how to write a thesis statement or use citation styles.
Might be the words of a student, might be the words of a faculty member fed up with access-assessment-remediation-retention.

Or with the individuals who abuse those noble intentions.

Tell them that it's not your problem they've made life choices (children, mortgage payments, etc.) that hamper their ability to complete assignments. Remind them of other students who've made different choices (like jumping into the deep end of student loans and Ramen noodles) to be here and aren't asking for favors, so maybe we should all be adults and suck it up.

This site makes me feel like I'm not the only one -- but if I am, I need to reserve my padded room now.

No, anonymous poster, you're not the only one, but it's your responsibility to note the facts and name names.

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