SENDING THE WRONG MESSAGE. The Random Walk tramples one illusion.

I have an idea. It is admittedly a very very strange idea. My idea is that your grade in my class should be based on your knowledge of the material we covered in that class, NOT your ability to write extra credit papers!!??!! Why is it that people who couldn't be bothered to hardly show up for class, much less take the time to study for the tests suddenly are SO VERY MOTIVATED. But they're not motivated to study for my final NOOO they want to write extra credit papers.

Astroprof said it well:How do they come to think that if the course work is too difficult for them that they can just do something else different from the rest of the class?

Yeah... that.

The Rules Examiner reminds readers that such requests for special treatment, in addition to being a waste of time for everyone involved (the student, for attempting a special project without proper knowledge of the course content, and the professor, for having to discover that the hard way) is probably in violation of your university's grade appeal policy. See the passage on "graded by a different standard."

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