FORTY-FIVE YEARS AGO. January 20 was also a Sunday. That was the last full day of operation by the North Shore Line. The last clean-up train delivered empty cars to interchanges and tied up on Friday, January 25. This weekend's weather, while chilly, was not that chilly. Earlier that year, the Badgers lost a Rose Bowl, but the Packers had defeated the Giants at the end of 1962 on the strength of several Jerry Kramer (!) field goals (not Paul Hornung, who was on maneuvers, and not Don Chandler, who signed later) after going 12-1-1 during the regular season.

That extra leap year in 2000 is going to throw calendar calculations off for a while. Although there are only 28 calendars inclusive of all the leap year variations, the normal pattern is for a non-leap year to recur after eleven years.

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