SATURDAY, SUNDAY. A Seattle Post-Intelligencer columnist discovers the meaning of Wisconsin football.
It covers the entire state and is especially noticeable here -- Green Bay is an NFL city with a decidedly college atmosphere. I'm looking for the proper words to describe it, and two come to mind: "very" and "cool."

During training camp, kids take their bikes to the Don Hutson Center, and their favorite players pedal the bikes to practice. In the offseason at the two-day Packers Fan Fest, fans can meet coaches and players and get their autographs.

Sticking with the collegiate theme, the Packers have a fight song titled "Go, You Packers, Go!" and the Wisconsin marching band will perform at halftime of Saturday's game.

The mutual hug continues Friday night. When was the last time a pro team held its own "pep rally"? They'll have one at Lambeau Field, and it should be a good time, 15,000 people gathering in the north end zone to listen to the Johnny Wad Band and former Packers stars such as Jerry Kramer and James Lofton.

Some commenters on the Packer radio network were talking about the fans' reluctance to leave after Saturday's win. Some of it might have been anticipating (incorrectly, fortunately) a conference title game on the road. But some of it might have been people sticking around for Fifth Quarter. (I did hear the Bud Song during the TV coverage, and I doubt that the Wisconsin Band would be in a football stadium and NOT perform a Fifth Quarter.)

Any New Yorkers bound for the title game: if somebody offers you a brat, ENJOY!
The next day at thousands of tailgates, fans will chill their beers and grill their brats, and if you want one or the other, they're yours. At Champion's Sports Bar and Grill, a band called Da Wurst is expected to be playing "The Bears Still Suck."
But bring your blankets, seat cushions, and portable seat backs: all bowl seating is on aluminum benches.

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