DO THEY BAN THE ONION? Colorado College president Richard Celeste makes a case for sending two heavy-handed satirists before the Holy Inquisition. Robert Shibley of The Torch performs the Fisking. The president makes a less than persuasive case for having the flyers removed. It might have been cleaner for the college to assert ownership over its bulletin boards. That's the procedure inside buildings at Northern Illinois. A poster that does not have a permit stamp from the student association is fair game for recycling, and the permit stamp has a date after which building services will recycle the poster. That procedure, admittedly, is censorious (envision automatic approval for The Rag, as house organ of Feminist Studies, with approval withheld for The Bag.) But to object to the anonymous provenance of the satire? By that logic, the collected works of Herman Zwiebel and offspring are subject to sanction, that is, if complementary copies of The Onion are available in Colorado Springs.

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