WHY IT MATTERS. At Phi Beta Cons, George Leef sees the fallacy of composition in treating the premium to college degrees (earned twenty to thirty years ago) as reason to extend college education to everyone.
High-aptitude, energetic young people who go to college and then into lucrative professions pull the average up, but their experience is quite irrelevant to the marginal student who isn't especially interested in or good at academic work. Luring that kind of student into college with the idea that having a degree will make his life much better is reprehensible.
Mr Leef sees the injustice done to the marginal students, who have been fooled by a form of bait and switch and might get diverted into the Departments of Cooling Out the Mark. There are further injustices done to the "high-aptitude, energetic" students who are not challenged properly when inefficiently many marginal students slow the pace of a class, or demoralize the faculty.

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