ALL HAVE WON, AND ALL MUST BE GIVEN PRIZES. Devalued though those prizes might be.

Teach a kid that merely having a pulse is a major accomplishment, and he'll carry that lesson for the rest of his life. Teach him how to do trigonometry, and he'll forget it before his Xbox even warms up.

Sadly, despite this success, there has been a backlash. College professors resent having to teach students who want an A for showing up.

I flagged this essay for possible further commentary a year ago. It's still timely, although perhaps the education bubble is beginning to leak.
If we are going to leave no children behind, we must abandon the idea that being smart and accomplished makes you special. For only by getting rid of the idea that some people are special can you teach children that everyone is.
With the incoming government in the hands of the credentialistas, this after the Masters of the Universe have made a hash of management and of finance, the notion that everybody is special because nobody is will die more painfully.

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