THE DISILLUSIONED TRUE BELIEVER. The Hunt for Red October owes some of its plot details to a genuine mutiny on a Soviet ship. The history of the hunt for U-505 provides additional structure. Now comes Mutiny, in which former Air Force cryptographer turned thriller writer David Hagberg collaborates with Storozhevoy's engineering officer Boris Gindin, now a resident of the United States, to tell some of the story of a mutiny organized by Storozhevoy's political officer with the purpose of starting a popular uprising that would bring the Evil Empire down. The plot failed. It's going to be a short Book Review No. 2. Some of the details are fudged in the book in order to protect other living crew members from reprisals in the Former Soviet Union. The writing sometimes takes readers far from the main story, perhaps with the intent of providing background. The troubles of Communism did not begin with Sts. Cyril and Methodius, although the authors sometimes write as if it did.

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