NO ICE AGE YET. We've gone the month of January with temperatures below freezing, but I've survived longer cold streaks.

As of Monday, the temperature in Milwaukee has remained below freezing for 20 days, a streak long enough to make it just the 28th longest period with such low temperatures.

Milwaukee's record cold streak is more than twice that length. The record cold streak of 46 days below freezing ended Feb. 9, 1977. That record was tied by a streak that ended Feb. 24, 1978. If you count days at 32 degrees or below that, the record is 52 days, set the winter of 1978-'79.

On December 31, 1976, a Soviet hockey team played the Badgers in Madison. They were wondering if Madison was where the U.S. exiled its dissidents. The hard part was explaining that the dissidents went there voluntarily.

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