OPEN ROAD SHAME. Should the governor be removed from office, the bragging on one of his more dubious achievements will join Leon Trotsky down the memory hole.

Should the Senate vote to remove Gov. Rod Blagojevich from office, Lt. Gov. Pat Quinn said Tuesday that he would immediately begin erasing some of the imprints his former running mate made on the state.

One target would be the signs displaying Blagojevich's name over state tollways, which Quinn called a symbol of "pompous government.""The signs will go down, and we'll probably have a ceremony to do it," Quinn told the Tribune. "I might even ask some toll payers to help us out."

Speaking in his Chicago office with the Senate impeachment trial blaring in the background, Quinn said he would end a period of "imperial governorship" that began under Republican Gov. George Ryan and was continued by Democrat Blagojevich.

I would be pleased if any governor would reactivate the automatic coin lanes at the major toll plazas. Typical tollway practice is to have one or two of the four attended stations open, with the automatic lanes closed. (Did the governor get a campaign contribution from the toll-takers' union?)

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