ASK THE MEN WHO WERE THERE. No Right to Win is about the Battle of Midway. Its subtitle, A Continuing Dialogue with Veterans of The Battle of Midway, identifies what's different about it. Author Ronald W. Russell became involved in this project after a telephone call from a government employee with a familiar name. That employee's father, a Battle of Midway veteran, was active on electronic mail. So were a number of other veterans. They operate a Battle of Midway Roundtable. The book highlights several areas of interest that emerged in that forum. There are resolutions, based on eyewitness accounts, of several events that written sources differ on. There is, unfortunately, a chapter identifying Battle fakers, people who claim to have been there who were not. The best feature of this book for newcomers to the Midway story is the annotated bibliography (including movies and made for TV documentaries) toward the rear. Book Review No. 16 simply recommends that newcomers buy No Right to Win first, then build up their library in light of the recommendations in that bibliography.

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