DEVELOPING LOCALLY. The University of Wisconsin at Green Bay used to put a basketball team on the court from which all of the players were in receiving distance of WNFL (1440 AM). More recently, they've been recruiting in enemy territory.
"Overall, I think everyone -- almost everyone, I should say -- in Green Bay are Packers fans," junior Kayla Tetschlag, a native of nearby Sheboygan, explained of the origins of the current strife. "We recently got a few Minnesota and Illinois recruits which, sadly, are Vikings and Bears fans. So now we have a little rivalry going on among the team. But it's all in good fun."
But what does it mean to be best in the Horizon League? Once upon a time, Green Bay and DePaul and Northern Illinois jockeyed for supremacy in the North Star Conference, and later the Mid-Con. (All this realignment, in amateur sports that have nothing to do with money?) DePaul subsequently decamped for the Big East, where they jockey with Notre Dame and Connecticut, and Northern Illinois returned to the Mid-American.
All right, as far as disharmony goes, it's more Osmonds than the Clash. Truth be told, this simply isn't a program that does drama. It's a model of stability on the fringes of the sport's mainstream, a program that never had a losing season since moving to Division I more than 20 years ago and which has made 12 consecutive postseason appearances, including nine NCAA tournaments.
The article notes that a loss in the Horizon League tournament tends to mean at best a trip to the invitational tournament, something also true for the Mid American (although those regular season runners-up are capable of surprises.)

(Via Women's Hoops.)

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