THE BOOKWORM IS IN REHAB. It's easier to read books than to type up reviews. But with my left arm slowly regaining function, and with the semester winding down, there should be time (first stolen as procrastinating with the grading, then as required to decompress) to unleash another sequence of Book Reviews. Whether we will see the fifty remains to be seen. First, though, the first quarter report for 2010. Please follow the link for the date the report was posted to read the diary entry, or book review, at Fifty Book Challenge. I evaluated some books as particularly good (+) or particularly bad (-).

  1. The Best Years: 1945-1950, 10 January 2010.
  2. Super Freakonomics: Global Cooling, Patriotic Prostitutes, and Why Suicide Bombers Should Buy Life Insurance, 16 January 2010. (-)
  3. No Less Than Victory: A Novel of World War II, 29 January 2010. (+)
  4. The American Civil War: A Military History, 4 February 2010. (+)
  5. Secrets of The Lost Symbol: The Unauthorized Guide to the Mysteries Behind The Da Vinci Code Sequel, 13 February 2010. (-)
  6. An Imaginary Tale: The Story of i, 28 February 2010. (+)
I'll start another bookworm.


(Cross-posted to Fifty Book Challenge.)

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