THE EFFECT OF INVASIVE SPECIES? There aren't many aphids in the Victor E. Garden. The orange Asian beetles take care of that. But entomologists are working to save several species of the traditional red North American ladybug.
The South Dakota researchers work with colleagues at Cornell University in Ithaca, N.Y., to find out more about what type of bugs live in which parts of the nation. Three species are the prime targets of the Lost Ladybug Project: the nine-spotted or C9s, the transverse and the two-spotted.
They're getting by with a little help from some kids.
Children and others who find ladybugs are asked to enter descriptions and photos at the project's website, LostLadyBug.org. The search is nationwide because ladybugs are found in all 50 states, Losey says. The number of images on the website is nearing 5,000, he says.
The schools and 4-H are assisting the effort.

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