EVOLUTIONARY STABILITY. I'm still working on a longer post on the impossibility of a Surf City equilibrium in higher education. It should be up before Surf City is overtaken by events.
[T]he most profound impact of our college culture isn't in the voting booth but in the four walls of the home, as a generation struggles with the long-term effects of the degradation of male-female relationships. But he also reminds me that there is hope; that students are not the pawns of their environment and can reverse course. That which has changed can be changed back. There are ebbs and flows of cultural fashion, and the common currency of one generation is counterfeit to the next.
Be sure to read the post's sources.
All of the ideology in the world can't replace reality, and the reality is that sex has emotional consequences and that the two sexes do not experience those consequences in the same way. A culture of men without virtue or heart and women stripped of any sense of real connection is not ultimately sustainable — no matter how many times tradition is denigrated and gender roles are mocked.
I may have to change the masthead:

Social Construction is Subject To Constraints.

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