UNUSUAL ADVICE FOR ILLINOISANS. The Northern Illinois University volleyball team have been playing well, and a sportswriter for the Northern Star welcomes the following they have developed.

The 1,000 people that showed up at Victor E. Court to watch NIU take on Wisconsin should serve as a sobering reminder to all the teams that struggle to get people in the stands. You can create all the marketing campaigns and all the promotions that you want: in the end, fans aren't going to come out to watch a team that's not capable of winning on a consistent basis.

The volleyball team is serving as the perfect example: people want to see a winner. If you win, they will come.

That Wisconsin match, where the visitors brought a noisy contingent with them, is still the team's only loss. The last sentence, however, is jarring. I see a lot of Cubs and White Sox apparel around campus, perhaps the Black Hawks jerseys will come out when the Gales of November come slashing.

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