TENURE MUSIC FAILS THE MARKET TEST. The Milwaukee Symphony Orchestra has been advertising its upcoming concerts. Maestro Edo deWaart opened with Beethoven's Choral Symphony and the latest radio messages alert listeners to an All Rachmaninoff concert. The Chicago Symphony is also buying commercial time, advising listeners that Maestro Riccardo Muti will be leading Beethoven's Eroica in the opener.

The avant-garde might get theirs later, without commercials. I wonder if any contemporary conductors still do something I read about many years ago. One of the big-name orchestras had a Dvorak symphony just before intermission and something new after. The conductor asked the concert hall restaurant how many dinner reservations the maitre d'hotel had accepted for intermission (answer: booked). The Maestro accordingly made an announcement after the piece preceding the symphony ended, something like "We've learned many of you have made early dinner plans, and we'd really like you to hear this new work before you leave us for the evening." The Dvorak ran after intermission.

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