NO EVIDENCE OF A PLANETARIUM.  The City of DeKalb is building a new high school.  The academic plant has not received much mention, and there might be a planetarium and up-to-date science labs that I'm not aware of.  The big deal, however, is the football field.
When the referendum to build the new DeKalb High School passed in 2008, the cost didn’t include bleachers and lights for the school’s football field. However, a state grant and low bids led the DeKalb School District 428 school board to approve the purchase of bleachers and lights. 

DeKalb has been playing football games at Northern Illinois University’s Huskie Stadium for years. The addition of bleachers and lights will allow the Barbs to play home games at the new high school.
Our youngsters might not be able to work a trigonometric identity to save their lives, but they'll have more flexible practice hours for outdoor sports.  Never mind that the contingency fund (a reserve that might come in handy in the event of sovereign default in Springfield) gets tapped to provide the lights.

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