THE COURSE OF HUMAN EVENTS.  So much material just in the past week.  No commentary necessary.

The Gregorian and Julian Easter coincide with Passover.

The Southern states, particularly Alabama, get slammed by tornadoes. Neighbors pitch in with muscle power and food.

It's hot in the South, and extra hands to pass out water are helpful.

A monarchy continues the line of succession.

Official portrait courtesy London Daily Mail.

British subjects and a few overseas friends enjoy the holiday.

London 24 image.
View from Buckingham Palace toward Admiralty Arch.

A Pope is beatified.

The faithful, clergy and laity alike, fill St. Peter's Square.

Years of painstaking intelligence work followed by months of Special Forces preparation lead to Osama Bin Laden taken down in 40 minutes.  Geronimo EKIA.

United States citizens rally at The White House.

Now comes the last week of classes, and final exam week, with the stresses and excitement that brings.


Kerry said...

Crazy times, indeed. I'm nursing a little bit of a cold, so went to bed early the other night. I was awoken by a phone call from a friend... and besides the screaming "USA! USA!" background noise, all I could understand was "get down to the White House! This is great! Geraldo is here! Bin Laden is dead!"

I didn't realize that wasn't a kooky dream until mid-way through yesterday morning.

Stephen Karlson said...

Didn't see you at the White House. Did see Geraldo, exhorting the GWU faculty to postpone Monday's exams, and airing a Master Card parody ... GWU tuition $45 K, a year in the dorms $10K, Bin Laden killed, priceless.