ADDICTED TO CONNECTIVITY.  The Chicago area had a visit from a squall line Tuesday evening.  A few power lines were blown down.  Never mind the risk of food spoilage.
Residents on Wednesday were stocking up on ice in an effort to salvage perishable food. Some businesses that still had power were mobbed by people who wanted to recharge computers and cellphones.

"I have never been in a Starbucks that was more crowded," said Terry Dason of Winnetka, who stopped into a Glencoe Starbucks on Wednesday afternoon. "Everybody was in there because they didn't have a charger for their cellphones (and) computers. It was a riot."
Well, not a riot riot, but those North Shore types just have to update their statuses.

On the other hand, the power company has announced that it will not be paying for food spoilage, because a windstorm is an Act of God.

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