THE BOULEVARD OF STEEL.  Trains for America reports that New York Representative Louise Slaughter wants to speed up the Empire Corridor.
"I am continuing to push forward in my effort to bring a dedicated third track for high-speed passenger rail to Upstate New York that will bring passengers from Buffalo to Albany to New York City at a top speed of 110 mph," said Slaughter. "I look forward to continuing our conversation with the goal of achieving 110 mph across Upstate New York because I know that high-speed rail is a win-win situation for passenger rail, freight rail and New York."
Advantage, Cold Spring Shops.
New York already has space for dedicated passenger tracks in the Empire Corridor -- one simply replaces the tracks the Vanderbilts installed and Robert R. Young removed.
Existing Amtrak service, including the Lake Shore Limited, is capable of 110 mph speeds on West Albany hill, without the need for a pusher out of the Albany station, something the Super Hudsons on the Twentieth Century Limited regularly required.  The provision of separate passenger tracks in the Empire Corridor, which is the configuration the New York Central System had, would also spare freight dispatchers the obligation to cross both passenger and freight trains from track to track to keep the line fluid, something that contributes to a rough ride.  Traditional Passenger Rail rules.

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