INCENTIVES MATTER.  Congressman Anthony Weiner (pronounced "wiener") 'fesses up to doing foolish things online, and provoking another skirmish in the battle of the sexes.  Andrew Klavan returns to Pajamas Media.
 I look at Weiner and I see a rude, arrogant, entitled and clearly dishonest little piece of Democrat thoroughly convinced of his wholly non-existent superiority.  Physically, he’s a dead ringer for a turtle that’s been pulled out of its shell.  And as for his manners…  did I mention he takes pictures of his absurdly eponymous package and sends them to women on Twitter!

And that’s the sort of stuff that wins you over, ladies?  Well, if it is, expect to see a lot more of it.  It’s Darwin 101:  men evolve to attract the opposite sex.  By natural law, women get what they want from men…  it hardly seems fair for them to complain about it when it turns up in their inbox.

So women, here’s some free advice.  Stop dating creeps.  It only encourages them.  The day Weiner can’t find a warm twit to tweet his weiner [c.q.] to is the day you twits find tweeter weiners [c.q.] to tweet your twits.  I think you all know what I mean.
Anwyn suggests that Mr Klavan generalizes excessively.
I am not a feminist and usually don’t get mad about most high-level characterizations of group-wide behaviors, but this one is dead wrong. This is not a group-wide behavior; it is men who act this way seeking out and gleefully latching onto multiple individual women who are receptive to it.
Perhaps so, but is the mix of cads and gold-diggers one that is evolutionarily stable?  Robust against calls for civility?  Sufficiently well entrenched to be able to crowd out more civil mating and matching patterns?

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