I may have had a few Structo toys as a boy, and there's a good chance that I subjected a few of them to destructive testing.  The company once produced those trucks in Freeport, Illinois.  To honor the centennial of its establishment, the Stephenson County Historical Society offers a reenactment of a company picnic today.

In common with many of the other toy manufacturers, Structo converted its tooling to the production of military goods during the second world war.  Some of that tooling might have been convertible to other consumer goods.Barbecue grills were added in 1960, and five years later, the company was acquired by King-Seeley Thermos Co. and renamed the Structo Division.

The next years after Household International acquired the company in 1968, gas-fired grills were introduced into the Structo line. And in 1972, Structo Division took on the manufacturing of vehicle license plates for the State of Illinois. Production of the old staple weaving looms was discontinued.
The toy division became the property of Ertl Toys, itself a manufacturer of metal toys.  No more generic dump trucks, apparently, as Ertl work closely with the major manufacturers of farm implements to produce replicas in a variety of scales.

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