The team name begins with P, and it includes a number of players never recruited by better-known programs.
It’s a remarkable record made even more remarkable by the fact it’s been accomplished largely by players from Wisconsin who were not highly recruited, if recruited at all, by the big schools in the power conferences.
The players use that knowledge as motivation.
We all kind of play with a chip on our shoulders,” [guard Hannah] Quilling said. “We’re trying to make Green Bay known. I think we’ve done a good job of making it more than just a school with a hyphen in it. We’re becoming in landmark in women’s basketball and we’re not done. Sweet 16 isn’t the only banner we want to hang. We want to keep going.”
Over the weekend, the Phoenix rallied at halftime to beat another Big 12 Ten program, one the local newspaper seems to be holding a grudge against.
Maybe the University of Wisconsin should have hired Matt Bollant.

The UW-Green Bay women's basketball took down another Big Ten team on Friday night, beating the Badgers 65-49 in front of 5,035 at the Kohl Center.

The victory extended two winning streaks for the No. 18 Phoenix, which has won 30 straight regular-season games and its last seven against teams from the Big Ten.
The coach at Green Bay isn't taking Wisconsin's failure to interview him personally, although the Press-Gazette never misses an opportunity to remind readers.
It's not [Phoenix coach Matt] Bollant vs. Wisconsin, even though it's difficult to imagine that Bollant wouldn't mind showing the Badgers what they are missing.

Wisconsin had interest in hiring Bollant last spring after he led UWGB to its first Sweet 16. For a while, it even appeared he was the school's top candidate despite odds that appeared to be stacked against him.

The school had never hired a male to coach its women's basketball team, and that didn't change.
Gary Becker and Milton Friedman have long noted that discrimination carries a price. Years ago, their argument often served as a rebuttal to claims that businesses discriminated against women and minorities in order to make more money.  Choosing to make do with less qualified workers just to indulge a preference means foregoing gains from trade.  Politically correct discrimination, which Wisconsin might be engaging in, also means foregoing gains from trade, or surrendering the unofficial state basketball title to Green Bay.  The shame is that Green Bay remains with the remnants of the old North Star Conference, after DePaul left for the Big East and Northern Illinois returned, for better or worse, to the Mid-American,  and the Phoenix have to win out in their league and their tournament to get into the national tournament again.

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