Not the Madison campus of The University of Wisconsin, the Milwaukee campus, now serving more Wisconsin residents than the flagship.  We noted earlier the importation of the Madison social environment to Milwaukee's east side.  The authorities have responded.
Milwaukee police on [September 8] vowed a crackdown against drunken misbehavior near the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee.

Chief Edward Flynn announced the effort with a roll call in the street - a symbolic effort he has used to unveil police efforts. This one was on E. Newberry Blvd. and N. Cramer St., where residents have said the loud parties and drunken shenanigans have hit an intolerable level.
In this crackdown is an opportunity for universities to consider their public image.
Flynn said the neighborhood is afflicted by "adult-looking individuals who have no common sense." The goal is to protect the area from drunken students and protect the students from becoming crime victims, he said.

"It's a challenge because everybody you can put in this circumstance are sure they are smarter than you and have very important parents," Flynn said. "We are going to educate them in the ways of citizenship."
Here's the task for the universities.
Is it an unwillingness to confront the hook-up culture and the MTV Spring Break construction of collegiate life and the marketing of a Jacuzzi U. or a summer camp, to name four themes that never fail to provide material for these pages?
Let things be done decently and in order.

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