Shortly after the Boston Marathon bombing, Bill O'Reilly hosted Bob Beckel and Kirsten Powers to hash out a surprising proposal by Mr Beckel that the United States place a moratorium on admitting students from Moslem countries.  And from China, which in his view is sending computer science majors to graduate school to learn hacking techniques.

Mr O'Reilly doesn't post all of his transcripts, and I'm running on my aging memory here.  Mr Beckel made a similar proposal on The Five, and the Huffington Post picked up his elaboration on Chinese hackers.

Serious implementation of such a policy would, ceteris paribus, adversely affect enrollments at many a graduate program.  Whether graduate programs serve as gateways to refugees, or as symptoms of the poor technical preparation of U.S.-born and U.S.-schooled students, or as a way to allow university administrators a source of cheap immigrant labor for faculty positions is beyond the scope of today's post.

In a world where you'd understand if the American Economic Association job meetings offered a dim sum bar at the opening reception, though, a government crackdown on graduate student visas will change the dynamics of those meetings.

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