If you seek administrative bloat to eliminate, take a lesson from Jordan Weissmann.
In other words, what makes this chart truly galling isn't that we're spending extraordinary amounts of money to produce college graduates. It's that we're spending extraordinary amounts of money to produce college dropouts.
Like any index number, a "weighted postsecondary efficiency" score suffers from aggregation and omitted variable biases.  But it suggests that it's a fool's errand for institutions of higher education to seek approval for admitting unprepared students and calling it access.  Or for such institutions to devote a lot of resources to work on retaining unprepared or unmotivated students.

And yet I'm again swimming against the tide.  The latest version of Blackboard allows me to flag students who have neglected to turn in assignments as "at risk", whatever that means, and it provides some helpful scripts for attempting to be Tiger Mom or something to get them back on the straight and narrow.  For all the good I suspect it will do.

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