When Chicago's News Radio 780 comes on in the morning, and the first story to register on my consciousness is a request by administrators at Chicago State University to dissident faculty members that they take down a weblog, citing copyright infringement, it doesn't matter which side of the bed I got up on.

We've dealt with Chicago State before.  "Chicago State is a retention pond so noisome its trustees are embarrassed."  It's administrators fancy themselves the second coming of TASS.  "Blogs and even Twitter or Facebook posts might have to be approved by the public relations division at the university, the Tribune reported."

University Diaries issues a call to arms.
UD trusts free speech advocates are all over this one. I’d say it’s an outrage, but everything about CSU is outrageous and it still syphons huge tax dollars from the poor citizens of Illinois. So it’s wasted breath.
Wasted or not, CSU Faculty Voice earns a stop on College Avenue.  The most recent entries include the request from the university's general counsel to please shut up, as well as ample evidence that the university, in addition to being a dropout factory and a noisome retention pond, is an expense-preference playground for diversity hustlers.

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