Bowling Green.  Again.
Bowling Green simply possessed the formula to beat NIU. They caught the Huskies on an off night and executed almost to perfection when the previous 12 NIU opponents before them had so often folded in pressure situations with chances to win.

The upset bug finally bit NIU after the Huskies had avoided it time and time again with comeback victories and consistent second-half dominance.
Like chess, the mistakes are there, waiting to be made.  And the better player finds them.
With busted coverage after busted coverage, they showed why [Northern Illinois] came into the game ranked 108th in the nation (out of 123) in pass defense. It was because of this that NIU coach Rod Carey didn’t look at the performance as a particularly poor one.

“We’ve had busted coverages before this year, and the quarterback doesn’t see them, so he doesn’t throw it to them,” Carey said. “Give [Bowling Green] a lot of credit. The quarterback found it when we did have a bust here and there.”

So while Carey and his team certainly weren’t proud of the defense, it was more about what Johnson did well than what the Huskies did poorly. They were exposed for mistakes they’ve made all year, mistakes that may have caused them to give up 274 passing yards a game.

It’s an area of concern as the Huskies head into bowl season.
A bowl season that might be more expensive to the Mid-American Conference. "[A] win for Bowling Green would also lose millions for the school, the [conference] and all of the non-Automatically Qualifying Conferences."  The author concludes that the operating profit of Bowling Green's athletics program would vanish without its cut of the BCS jackpot.

I thought it was amateur athletics and it had nothing to do with money.  Good game, Bowling Green, and let's see what pairings come out on Sunday.

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