A Packer fan chastises team pundit Vic Ketchman for being too positive about the paucity of Super Bowl wins since 1994, or perhaps since 1968.  Mr Ketchman's response is instructive.
I cannot agree with your position on this being a period of non-success. In fact, it irritates me that you have such a smug viewpoint. So, the Packers are the only team that wins; the rest of the league are just losers, right? That’s the kind of attitude that’ll get losing’s attention and turn him in your direction. You don’t want him to come to town. Sometimes he stays a long time, and when that happens, life gets real bad and you regret not having appreciated every little win that you don’t have to appreciate now. I think a lot of Packers fans should wake up and smell whatever it is that pleases their senses, because this team is in a wonderful run of success right now that included five of the most entertaining and exciting games to close a season I have ever covered. I witnessed this same phenomena in Jacksonville, believe it or not. In the first five years of the Jaguars’ existence, they were the winningest expansion franchise in history, but it never seemed to be good enough, so the fans ran Tom Coughlin out of town. I’ll bet a lot of Jaguars fans would like to have those first five years back now.
Those steps of the giant behind you ...

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