Jim Loomis both operates Travel and Trains and writes the All Aboard rail travel guide.  In the course of revising the guide, he muses on the Most Beautiful Passenger Rail Stations With Few or No Trains.
In 2013, a total of 15,213 passengers arrived or departed the Cincinnati station on the Cardinal. The train runs three days a week in each direction, so that’s six trains a week, times 52 weeks, or a total of 312 arrival/departures. Total number of passengers divided by total number of trains equals 48.76.

In other words, over an entire year, an average of about 49 people got on or got off every time the Cardinal pulled into Cincinnati.  All things considered, that’s damn  impressive!
That's as opposed to the approximately 61,000 passengers boarding at Sturtevant, Wisconsin, in 2006.  Sturtevant residents have Milwaukee's airport about a 20 minute drive or 15 minute train ride to the north, and O'Hare an hour-plus to the south.

Cincinnati residents have less train service than Erie, Pennsylvania, another overnight stop served by a single Amtrak train.  At least the Lake Shore runs daily.

Mr Loomis puts it simply: double the frequency, triple the ridership.

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