Politics is show business for plain people, or sports for uncoordinated people.  Professor Tufte suggests an inference. "Ah … so if people are going to treat politics like football … following a team they like only when it suits them … then we should give politics as much control over our daily lives as the local football team." Yes, although expect the people who see in the absence of detailed government control all manner of undesirable consequences to behave much like rent-seeking team owners and their beer-swilling fans when the legislature is debating stadium subsidies.


Dr. Tufte said...

Sorry Steve ... not a professor yet.

There's an old joke about promotion problems and quality control: "my dean can't read, but at least he can count".

Unfortunately, I have a dean that can't read or count, and a university level LRT committee that believed his numbers rather than my CV (or Google Scholar, JSTOR, and so on).

I'm still old school enough to believe that you don't call someone a professor until they are granted that rank ... so please try to refer to me as Dr. Tufte until that time. :)

Stephen Karlson said...

I'll see if I can remember that. I'm nautical enough to understand that you say "aye, aye, Admiral", not "aye, aye, Rear Admiral." Per corollary ...